Cancellation Policy

Here is our policy!
Thank you for choosing The Skin Clinic. In our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best possible service, we ask that you carefully review this consent form and ask any questions necessary to help you fully understand it. This agreement shall serve as perpetual consent along with each and every individual procedural consent form signed by you for services rendered by The Skin Clinic. Adhering to The Skin Clinic policies creates a happy environment where our professionals can focus on your needs.

If arrival is delayed, we will make every effort to accommodate your full appointment but service time may be abbreviated to avoid delays for other guests. Abbreviated treatments are charged at full value of your scheduled treatment.

Cancelling or missing two or more appointments depending on the situation, it may also be grounds for dismissal from the practice. Any deposit paid may be applied to any service or product if the appointment is kept.

You will be charged up to 50% of your service if you ‘no call, no show’. You will be charged up to 25% of your service if you give less than 24 hours notice for appointment adjustment(s). The charges will be based off the service/services booked, product needed for procedure, and average and/or cost of FDA approved dosages. You will also forfeit any deposit(s) if you fail to show up to your appointment. If you subscribe to the membership program, failure to show up to your appointment may be considered completion of the service for that month. I understand that any unused services in my package will not be refunded.

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