PRP Treatments

PRP Treatments

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) is produced from your own blood. It is a concentration of platelets in the blood. PRP, or “Liquid Gold,” is a great natural solution to stimulate cell growth within the body. The patient’s blood is drawn, processed, and then used for treatment. PRP can enhance and improve the results of other treatments offered at The Skin Clinic by stimulating new hair growth, diminishing the appearance of scars, and producing collagen.

The growth factors in plasma promote collagen and elastin production and the renewal and repair of skin tissue. As a result of PRP treatments, you will notice a noticeable change in the firmness and tightness of your skin.

Benefits of PRP include

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PRP is an injectable cosmetic treatment utilizing the client’s own platelet-rich plasma. The plasma component contains stem cells and platelets rich in growth factors. By injecting it back into the skin, it stimulates the body to produce collagen and elastin to rejuvenate the skin.
It usually takes about a week or two for patients to notice a tighter and more even tone in their skin after PRP injections. The treatment results continue to build for up to six months after treatment.
The results of PRP treatments will vary from person to person because every situation is different. Many patients return for repeat PRP injections months or years after the initial treatment.
After PRP injections, you may notice some redness on your skin; however, there is no downtime.

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