Botox® and Dysport® are a form of neurotoxin from botulinum toxin, a very common anti-aging medical procedure. Whether for cosmetic or therapeutic treatment, it can cause your facial expression lines or wrinkles to be less noticeable, smoother, or temporarily disappear.

Neurotoxin injections are customized to meet the needs and goals of each patient. A fine needle will be used to treat targeted muscles in the area(s) of concern with the selected product.

Neurotoxin injections typically take 15 to 20 minutes per area. Patients can resume normal, non-strenuous activities after the procedure. Botox® and Dysport® neuromodulators typically last about three to four months.

Botox® and Dysport® neurotoxins are among the anti-aging treatments offered by The Skin Clinic in Fargo, ND. Book your Neurotoxin appointment today by clicking on the Book Now button.


Typical Areas For Botox® and Dysport® Treatments Include


Neurotoxins may be right for you if you’re in good health, have moderate to severe wrinkles and lines on your face and neck, or Crow’s feet that you want to reduce and want to reduce their appearance.
The effects of these neurotoxins usually appear after 3-5 days, but they may not be fully apparent for 7-14 days. Individual results may vary.
Usually, neurotoxin injections last between three months and four months, although individual results may vary.
Injections of neurotoxins do not require recovery time or downtime. After a neurotoxin treatment, most patients can return to normal activities immediately. Plan ahead two weeks before any event to avoid bruises.

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